Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Country: Norway
Label: Indie Recordings
Year: 2015

In the shades of fire! Wow dude! The album’s impact smashes my face! For some reason that i don’t know of, after 20 years of listening and 17 years of playing black metal, this band never appealed that much to me, even though they have released some amazing albums since 1997, especially “Djevelmakt” (the previously released masterpiece). Such a band with great albums, they just didn’t “touch me” even though i liked their songs. Maybe i didn’t spend the time that was needed. I think i need to withdraw my opinion about them and start a very good research on their works.

The album got me from the very first track! Massive and clear sound without it being too polished or “plastic”. Nice melodies, simple lines, the choruses very dynamic with a sense of epicness. On those couple of listenings i did on this 40 minute album i was completely satisfied with the result!

I think that the members focused a lot on the melodies (as always) and how to implement them on each song. There are no exaggerations. I can say that the album sounds minimal in a composing way, for example each songs repeats its basic 1-2 themes a couple of times. 7 nicely done songs on mid tempo patterns mostly but with a groove that keeps you in a concert kind of mood if i can say this. I can imagine them live with the crowd head banging on their songs.

There’s some emphasis on the vocals once again and on the pagan/folk elements that exist here and there. The clean vocals send shivers down your spine on some of the songs.

Congratulations to Kampfar that have released something so “power-full” continuing the tradition from the previous albums. As i can see, they continue to rise offering those “gems” to the music community! It’s dark, but let it take you on its wings and travel you to new musical dimensions…