Genre: Black/Post/Groove
Country: Hellas
Label: –
Year: 2021

Some of the bands I really dig to are bands I discover in live stages. I’m not so helpful to small or independent gigs just for the sake of the event. I spent my time and money mostly to things I like and I don’t see music as a charity field. But whoever is on stage has my 100% of devotion as I believe that artists give a piece of their soul when they hit the stage. Karma Violens were totally strangers to me when I saw them a couple of years ago in a small venue. When I finally got my jaws from the ground I bought all of their records and here we are now waiting their 4th effort entitled “Mount of the Congregation” to hit the stores.

This is the first album featuring Iias “Blackbones” Zounis (Moral Corruption) as Marios Dupont (Lucifer’s Child) left the band. The band’s most straightforward release to date, features 13 tracks of scathing blackened death/thrash, and it marks a new era and a new musical direction. The black metal motive is now less dominant as only some (melodic) riffs are lean into this musical path. Mostly their ideas are now melodic death -like enriched with instrumental interludes female vocals that the crystal clear and clean production helps to shine. Of course as in all of their albums -especially the first two- the groove is in the spotlight and the ferocity flourishes your speakers. A solid, strong release based on melodic riffing, hostile vocal lines and groovy rhythm sounds a good proposition to invest your money.

The album was recorded at Symbolic Π Studios, and produced and mixed by Costas Papadopoulos. Mount of the Congregation was recorded and mixed by KARMA VIOLENS at Symbolic Studios and mastered Hertz Studios (Behemoth, Decapitated). The artwork for the album was created by Remedy Art Design (Evergrey, Suffocation, Oceans of Slumber).
Check definitely on: “Embrace”, “Kingdom of the Deserters”, “The Gathering”, “One Way Journey” and “The Observer”.