Metalcore, Karma Violens, Growl Records/R.O.A.R!,

Genre: Death/Black Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Growl Records
Year: 2018

We have to be honest to each other. Greek metal scene and Greek audience is like a couple that for some unknown reason can’t decide to put an end to their relationship, even though they seem to have said everything to each other and don’t feel anything, not anymore. And then Karma Violens returns with their 3rd album ‘Serpent God’. Delivering a fresh, modern and extreme sound that makes us reconsider what we want from a (Greek) band and why it’s important to be open minded and not being prejudiced for any reason. ‘Serpent God’ is definitely extreme and certainly full of anger. It couldn’t be less aggressive as the concept of the album demands ferocity and showing strong annoyance and hostility. The concept is focusing on the transparency of today’s social standards and ideas. Freedom, or lack thereof today, is the main body of what the album conveys; man’s tendency to create social “musts” and “have-to’s” via religion, God and modern society. The Serpent God is a big fuck off to our modern way of life. Musically speaking the band draws inspiration once again from death metal (and its groove) as also uses a lot of old school black metal elements added to their characteristic mix of thrash and death metal riffs, brutal vocals, blast-beats, double-bass drumming, that we have listen to their previous albums. I don’t know if you think that Karma Violens is a metalcore band (not anymore) or a clone of Machine Head (I saw it somewhere written…), but this album is terms of categorizing it any genre, is too close to Behemoth, Belphegor, Emperor, Enslaved, Mayhem, Mgla or even Batushka, than any groove or deathcore band in this universe…’Serpent God’ is probably one of the best releases coming from Greece this year. It is brutal as fuck with menacing melodies and songwriting skills revealed in every second of the album, just brilliant and what a change!!!