Genre: Black Metal
Country: France
Label: Quality Steel Records
Year: 2014

Just three years in existence has this… black metal fellowship from France and they are a female fronted band (Eingeweide – the one she founded them). Except “Faith in Flesh”, their discography includes only one demo, released in 2012 under that name (“MMXII”).

“Faith in Flesh” includes nine tracks (plus an outro) of ruthless black metal, with many guitar-based melodies, not so many slow parts, unstoppable blastbeats and Eingeweide’s vocals are great.To be honest in many parts this album resembles more like death metal than to black and the only thing reminds you that the band plays black metal is the vocals. The music ideas are smart, the production is “clear” (the best for their music style) and the artwork is simple and interesting.

For me, the only problem is that, even though it is powerful and enjoyable, it did not fire me up. Lacks of something that make it merciless.

The “highlights” for me are the «Darkest Fear» and «The Mass Grave», but the whole album deserves to listen.