Genre: Progressive/ Gothic Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Peaceville Records
Year: 2020

Katatonia belongs to that school of bands that were never afraid to break their own chains, to experiment, to divide, as well as to ponder. From the band’s twists and turns to the later controversial releases that were nevertheless much loved by their obeying audience, they never ceased to attract the attention of fans and non-fans alike. So, when they announced a new album, which would be the most “metal” of all they’ve ever done (laughs in Dance of December Souls), the interest arises.

When the first sample of the album is “Lacquer”, you get to understand that the Swedes once again got the push to “play” with whatever they like right now. Dark, ambient, progressive, metal, rock, gothic and anything else you can imagine. The tradition they have been following with major respect in those recent years would obviously never be ruined. So, next to “Fall of Hearts” lie the “City Burials”, which no one could say that is their weakest moment so far. The only death / doom element that one finds in Katatonia and “City Burials” anymore,  is their slow pace and vocals that scream in tears, pain and sadness. It is not the best of the Swedes, for sure, but it certainly belongs among the best.