Sometimes it is the little things that show what kind of man you are. If you prefer the word market and don’t care about society, or when you praise money and don’t give a shit about the individual or the human element then you are just the right asshole that uses the term globalization all the time and doesn’t understand the difference between the ‘g’ word and internationalism. Internationalism is when members of an Italian band (Holy) unite with members of American band (Korrosive, Tørsö) and play Japanese-style 80’s hardcore/crusty/d-beat punk. And the result is more than ecstatic. Coming from the very depths of Oakland CA’s underground scene, Odio (Italian for “hatred”) delivers the follower of 2016’s Un Mondo Libero Dall’Uomo (Italian for “a world free from man”), entitled ‘Ancora’ (once again Italian for ‘one more time’) via the legendary Agipunk Records. If you love and want lo-fi, you got it. But despite the fact that the sound is raw, the touch of Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, makes the production a bit more modern and powerful. Odio is influenced by Gauze, G.I.S.M. Gasmask, aside from the obvious SS and The Stalin and they play nasty, riff driven hardcore similar to what was being played by these Japanese pioneers in the 80’s. Despite the comparison, they still hold their own. The material is pretty straightforward hardcore punk laced with some metal influence and it’s a total killer . Which really cuts through on this one, as it has noise solos and riffs on riffs and the roaring vocals that assist in the birth of essential hardcore vibes.