Genre: Prog/Sludge
Country: Hellas
Label: I, Voidhanger
Year: 2020

This is Kevel’s sophomore studio album, entitled “Mutatis Mutandis”, that was released about a month ago. For those who do not know who Kevel are, let us inform you that this is a band based in Athens, which is about to close a decade in music industry. In their arsenal, also have their debut, an album with awesome feedback from fans and the Press, “Hz of the Unheard”, which was released in 2014. As for their music, it is a marriage of post metal with progressive and sludge elements, which oscillate and shine each in a different moment inside the “Mutatis Mutandis”. Six years away from the discography, Kevel had time as their ally and came out victorious.

 “Mutatis Mutandis” is a “must buy” for fans who basically like Crowbar, Godflesh, Isis, and even Tool. The instrumental elements of the album are far superior due to structure and it is probably the best part of the album, because they give a special ambience that has generally speaking regained its glory (we live in the revival of atmospheric sound, after all), but this in no way reducing or putting in a secondary role their singer.

Kevel and “Mutatis Mutandis” increase the competition in the best -of list of the year. It was out via I, Voidhanger Records.