Genre: Death Metal / Blackened Death Metal
Country: Finland
Label: I, Voidhanger
Year: 2016

It’s commonly accepted that Scandinavia has a tradition in blowing our minds as far as the extreme music genres go. This time, Finland gave birth to Khanus, a band that’ll definitely keep us interested in the years to come as the uniqueness of their sound is breath-taking. I’m sure that everybody has experienced this moment of illumination while listening to a record, thinking “where has this been my whole life?”. “Rites of Fire” caused exactly that. The band’s Shamanic Metal οf Death (as the group self-named its genre) is capable of expanding the universe by causing mini supernova explosions with its hypnotic and mystifying riffs, while the primitiveness of the emotions is staggering. Powerful cosmic elements that cause primordial instincts to manifest via a spirit elevation that’s induced by the superb choir-like chants and the ripping vocals. In generally, the musicianship is majestic. The guitars, drums and vocals are mixed together perfectly, supporting one another. Great balances and innovative ideas, that could undoubtedly influence a handful of bands. Under a broader perspective, “Rites of Fire” is a rite of passage to a new spiritual dimension, dangerous and forceful as a strike of lightning. On the plus side I should also add the overly complex cover artwork. It’s a collage of various symbolisms and allegoric points of reference, targeted to a specific way of thinking. Absolutely amazing! Could easily adorn the wall of my living room! Khanus have offered us a magnificent first taste of their music that’s necessary to be checked out!  Even though “Rites of Fire” is the band’s first effort, maturity, precision and attentiveness are the features that pop out in the end of the day. Looking forward to their next release; fingers crossed!