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Genre: Doom/Heavy
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2018

Khemmis have rocked the boat with both of their earlier releases. ‘Absoluton’ was a (not so) well kept secret for all underground fans, while ‘Hunted’ was the one that made the anticipation for their new album too high as the band was named the next big thing. After a strong tour with Enslaved, Wolves In The Throne Room and Myrkur, I guess their horizons are now larger and wider something that we can see clear on their songwriting, that has been developed and trying to distance itself from their early influences. The 6 new songs are impressive, but I find them closer to a modern approach rather than ‘traditional doom’ in a Sabbathian way. I don’t say it in a bad way, but I have to mention the direction the band takes while they are trying to find a more personal sound. Still they kept the melodic singing, the tempo changes, the searing guitar solos, the catchy harmonies but not the dark atmosphere. Perhaps ‘Isolation’ is the most N.W.O.B.H.M./Maiden moment here and ‘The Seer’ the most similar to their two previous efforts as it sounds like it popped out of ‘Hunted’. The rest songs flirt with a more commercial approaching, not a desperate hunt for success or something. But it has a musical twist as I can’t find any High On Fire elements I could hear on ‘Hunted’ and while we can find songs like ‘Maw Of Time,’ which is the heaviest track with some imposing shredding guitars or ‘Flesh to Nothing’ that has some black metal passages and some unique parts, still I see some uplifting lyrics and melodies than took over from the depressive dramatic storms we could hear on ‘Absolution’ and ‘Hunted’. All you that love modern doom or the new American sound of traditional doom in the veins of Apostle of Solitude or Spirit Adrift will love it. A decent, very good indeed album, but not the masterpiece that some were waiting from these Denver cowboys…