Genre: Groove/ Metalcore
Country: USA
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2020

It may have been six full years since Killer Be Killed debuted themselves, but 2020 was hiding another surprise for the supergroup fans, since they marked their return with a surprisingly good album release on November 20 via Nuclear Blast, “Reluctant Hero ”.

The band, for those who do not know, consists of Max Cavalera, Greg Pusciato from the legends of the so-called “mathcore”, The Dillinger Escape Plan, followed by the participation of Mastodon’s Troy Sanders, culminating in the latest addition to the lineup of Killer Be Killed, Ben Koller, the “meat-grinder” behind the Converge drumkit. Taking all of this into account we are talking about a pure case of a supergroup, without this concept containing even half an element of exaggeration in this particular definition. As for Killer Be Killed, one can understand exactly where their sound identity varies exactly, taking into account the background of each member. “Reluctant Hero” is just as good musically compared to the eponymous debut back in 2014. The clean vocals of the Sanders / Pusciato duo are culminated with Max’s laryngeal pounding and each one independently, give their own vocal part (which I stand for in particular because it really is the highlight of the concept), creates an alloy of groove, hardcore punk and classic heavy metal, which can not fail to satisfy fans who have no particular contact with this idiom. The tracks generally range in the above paths, but they breathe into a more “modern” air, without this sounding absurd or weird. It is very reminiscent of Soulfly, Mastodon, Gojira and Pantera, if the whole project has to be compared to something specific.

May the fans of Killer Be Killed have the opportunity to see this bomb explode visually on a music stage.