Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Denmark
Label: Metal Blade Records
Year: 2014

“Dreams of Horror” is a double collection edited by King Diamond and Andy LaRocque that contains 23 songs covering the entire discography of the legendary band and the 2 companies for whom they were recording for all these years (Roadrunner 1986-1990 & Metal Blade 1995-2007). Very hearty collection as except “Conspiracy” having 3 and “Voodoo” and “Abigail II” having only one, the rest albums are represented with two compositions. Unfortunately, “Dreams of Horror”’ has nothing new to offer to any old fan of the band, even the most fanatical follower of the Danes. We would expect some unreleased material, some new composition, a different version or a rare recording to entice us … but no… . So I honestly do not know how many stars to put on my review, since I cannot be strict in one of my favorite bands and probably my favorite artist. But on the other hand I should consider that we are dealing with a collection and not a full album so maybe it’s not necessary for me to put any stars at all. Younger fans of the King and ultra fanatics have already (pre-) bought the disk… I guess …