Genre: Neofolk
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Ván Records
Year: 2018

It depends on the will to leave your soul on the hands of John Milton’s hero or how you are on a mood on exploring the dark melancholy and the loneliness of the left hand path. Also, if you are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes, in order to feel the ultimate pleasure through music. King Dude is an elitist, eclectic dark, neo folk act where it counts on a variety of influences that goes from country, blues, rock ‘n roll and folk and blends his mysterious baritone throat that brings in mind a mixture of Johnny Cash, Sister of Mercy’s Andrew Eldritch, Bowie, Nick Cave and a hint of Iggy Pop on a gothic approaching. His minimal ways are way too rich in sounds and emotions in a mesmerizing crescendo of a beautiful feeling of pensive sadness. There’s monotony on his singing creating an almost ambient motif but that’s exactly what Cowgill tries to succeed. With the presence of a piano most of the songs uses the plectrum instrument as an echo of depression in an amalgam of profound disorder. King Dude ignores changes and focusing on songwriting King Dude balances the absence of vocal range with lonesome melodies and a surprisingly well written guitar-work here and there. ‘Velvet Rope’, reminds me of Chris Rea, “I Don’t Write Love Songs Anymore” sounds like The Cult or The Cure and there’s a mid-eighties post-punk smell on the atmosphere bringing in mind the best moments of this era, so I don’t have to mention any more similarities I can hear on the album’s tracks to make my opinion stronger. Probably his most 80’s goth album and an ode to pessimism ‘Music to Make War To’ works perfectly as the unreleased soundtrack of Twin Peaks.