Genre: Hardcore
Country: Bulgaria
Label: Ugly and Proud records
Year :2017

King of Sorrow is a brand new band hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria. With just a couple of gigs behind their backs. The four-piece has just released its first LP release “Bow To My Wrath” via Ugly and Proud Records. The band features former and current members of Bulgarian underground bands, such as Expectations, Feedbacker and КПД-0. “Bow to my Wrath” was recorded by the band’s guitarist Mihail Slavov (also in Expectations) in their very own rehearsal room and studio space. Mastering was done by their friend Marius Costache (148 Studio) in Bucharest. The cover was also created by their drummer Radoslav Monev. Their “approach’ towards hardcore is quite aggressive yet simple. Monolithic and extra heavy guitar riffing and sounds, punchy drums and a voice that breeds hate and has a unique colour that mixes great with the whole result. Angel’s voice doesn’t just sound aggressive or brutal, at least not in the typical hardcore band that you’d expect to hear. It has a certain character that in my opinion is rare to see. I also sensed some “interesting” elements on every song that add some more “sauce” to the songwriting again bringing you something new between the thrashy parts and the beatdowns here and there instead of a classic HC record. Some tracks have some more groovy even resembling bands like Pantera (Crown), while others include some more dark even black-metal -alike themes (Created Broken). Its nice to see the Bulgarian hardcore/punk scene emerging with bands like Last Hope, Vendetta, Rebound and others. The band’s desire to create some straight forward HC punk and share its passion can be easily heard on their debut. Bow to my wrath is available on LTD edition vinyl (275 copies) on Ugly and Proud records so be fast!