Genre: Death Metal
Country: Poland
Label: Godz of War Productions
Year: 2018

The origin of the band does not guarantee quality for sure, even though at times it is a hint of a state of mind or inclination. Kingdom are from Poland and they have a blasphemous aesthetic with intense anti-christian rhetoric that clothes their brutal music. With harsh vocals that apart from their power, they also have diversity with growls and screams to enrich their sound, they are based on cutting riffs and relentless drumming. Tremolo never rests and the different melodic leads are appropriate, without aiming for originality. The rhythm has often changes and the blast beats flirt with black metal, from which they borrow several characteristics. The old school approach reminds of early Incantation but also bands like Morbid Angel, Acheron and Angelcorpse. “Putrescent Remains of the Dead Ground” is their fourth album and it doesn’t have too many different musical differences than its predecessors, it’s probably their most important work to date. They have improved compositionally a lot, especially in the guitar parts, while the singer Lewan (check his personal project Ritual Lair too) has a lot of confidence especially when singing in his native language (‘Grobowiec Ludzkoÿci’, ‘Niemy Krzyk Zagêady’ and ‘Martwa Ziemia’). Recommended are “Putrescent Remains”, “Karma Slayer”, the first two Polish ones and the cover of Immortal’s “Blashyrkh”, which I hope will attract people that won’t buy the album, but will find this cover on the internet.