Genre: Rock ‘N Roll/Punk/ Heavy Metal
Country: Sweden
Year: 2020

Knife for an Eye is your new favorite rock ‘n roll band. The title of their first EP “Rock ‘n’ Roll Damnation” will certainly ring a bell to all you rock ‘n roll worshippers ‘cause, as you already know, it is the title of the legendary single by the Australian Gods AC/DC, and the first track on their “Powerage” album, released in 1978.  These Swedish speed driven demon trio also uses the larger than life picture of iconic Chuck Berry on the cover of their debut EP album, something that makes clear that these guys take seriously the legacy of Rock ‘n Roll. Their sound is based on high voltage, full of octane and extremely fast, energetic guitars.  The Marshall amps are on fire as Knife for an Eye mixes their strong influences from Hard Rock and Punk (GBH) creating an explosive result that easily can be compared to Motörhead, Zeke, Iron Lamb and The Hellacopters.