Genre: Black/Speed/Heavy Metal/Punk
Country: Germany
Label: Dying Victims Productions
Year: 2021

Truth be told every now and then a label carries the heavy weight of Defending the steel.  Probably the majority of metal fans have never or heard just once or twice the name of Dying Victims Productions, but this name seems to have the guts to stand up and be counted among a couple of other record companies that keep the flame of a underground Heavy Metal alive and screaming.

Established in 2019, Germany’s Knife is one of the talks of the town; their name is among Speed/Blackened Ηeavy Μetal fans lips making their debut one of the most anticipating LPs of the year. Those you have noticed their two-song debut tape, “Black Leather Hounds”, in early 2020 or the four-song “Locked In” EP the very same year, have stopped trading and just order or wear their vest to buy the album in the near record store.

Obscure, horny undisputed stubborn retro worshipping Venom loving Motörhead spinning straightforward, fast and furious, Razor inspired metal punk freaks make yourselves a favor and just buy “Knife”!

I can name more influences or parts that you will be familiar with all of that love all the aforementioned bands or W.A.S.P., Bathory, epic touches, Midnight and Exciter, as well as  proto Thrash in the veins of early Kreator, punk attitude a la Discharge and rock n roll simplicity. The album is crawling with great riffs, a filthy blackened speed metal motif, sharp guitars, simple structure and tones of adrenaline and vicious vocals/ screams side by side with gang choruses.

The resurrection of the nasty hybrid of heavy metal mixed with first-wave black metal and punk n’ roll like Inepsy, Children of Technology, Barbatos, Bewitcher, Bütcher, and Hellripper just found another crick in the chain of  blackened speed rock n roll.

Highlights: “Behold the Horse of War”, “Inside the Electric Church”, “The Furnace”, “White Witch – Black Death” , “Black Leather Hounds”, “The Hallowed Chamber of Storms,” and definitely the album closer “Possessed,” with its Motörhead-like guitars. Just Awesome.