Genre: Epic/Heavy Metal
Country: U.K.
Label: Independent
Year: 2021

As I never considered myself an epic metal fan, yet I own a plethora of epic metal albums, I usually avoid on reviewing releases like this one. British Knight’s Oath self-titled debut EP though was unthinkable for me to just let it pass. Only ten minutes long, featuring 3 songs where Cirith Ungol and Warlord meets Wytch Hazel and Ashbury. Twin guitars in the veins of Thin Lizzy/Iron Maiden with catchy made for sing along choruses, excellent musicianship, brilliant melodic solos and an epic atmosphere. All three compositions “For Our Lord”, “Don’t Wait (For My Sword to Shine)” and “Armageddon” are top notch, entertaining and given with a pure love for Heavy Metal. Personal favorite the opener “For Our Lord”.