Konquest, 2021, Heavy, Italy, News, Reviews, Iron Oxide Records

Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Italy
Label: Iron Oxide Records
Year: 2021

Feeling mind-blown in “heavy metal thunderstorm” location featuring Konquest. “The night goes on” – band’s debut full length – took me by surprise. The absolute 2021 release so far in my opinion. Alex Rossi, bands’ founder, revealed his magic by composing and recording all by himself the whole fucking album, talent by definition fellows. Album’s songwriting is a conquering masterpiece. The thundering intro “Theme of the Konqueror” strikes right through my veins. An instrumental piece of mind. Α fistful of epic elements augurs a heavy metal holocaust. Steady and heavy bass lines, pounding drumming flow and riffs that hit straight through the heart, are more than profound in “Keep me alive” and “Visions”. Vocals give the album a rather old-school/rougher cut character via their perfect imperfection. ‘The Night Goes On’ is catchy enough with a glimpse of glam metal sound. Blistering appear to be the leads in “Helding Back the Tears”, personal favorite of the album, with a totally hammering refrain. Combining grit and power, speed (check out “Too Late”) and melody, the album with its axing mastering by mighty Bart Gabriel (Cirith Ungol, Sortilege), reminds us of the glorious early Heavy Load days. Solid compositions with groove and galloping rhythm sections, along with powerful guitar duels and solos. In total, a very promising start. Pure and epic in an old-school way.  Keep it true!