Genre: Folk Metal
Country: Finland
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2018

Finland is probably one of the best countries in the world. Ok, maybe not because of the weather (fuck cold temperatures), but it surely has some of the best metal bands out there in Europe, and some of the kindest musicians in the industry. One of them is Korpiklaani, a bunch of adorable drunks with whom I had also the chance to do some beerdrinking in 2015.

Those notorious folks from Lahti, launched their 10th studio album “Kulkija” in September and whoever has been following them since “Spirit Of The Forest” can surely distinguish a few updates in their musical direction. The entire album’s vibes are more atmospheric, calm and acoustic somehow. The booze is surely missing here. The songs are longer, gloomier and praise the beauty of nature, once again in the band’s mother language. It has nothing to do with the band’s prime sound, but we saw that change coming since 2015’s “Noita”, where all metal elements made a step back. “Sillanrakentaja” include a child choir, an element that gives a more “innocent” touch to the record, “Pellervoinen” is a kind of song I had always expected from them, while the album’s closing tune “Tuttu on Tie” leaves a chilling, bittersweet feeling of farewell. The record is controversial.

A part of the audience might find interesting the fact that Korpiklaani’s gotten a little serious and praise the earth at its natural form more often than usual. The music is a more pure approach of folk, rather than folk metal, while others might sense a small nostalgia for the “Voice Of Wilderness” and “Tales Along This Road”. As for me, I find it rather enjoying.