Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2022

We are used Kreator to experiment musically. Especially in the 90’s, they released albums which were differing from the main teutonic thrash of the 80’s. It’s been a while since then and most people don’t seem to appreciate that period. Even the band includes in its setlist only a few songs from “Outcast”. Getting now to the current status of Kreator, I would say that “Violent Revolution” inaugurated a new era for the band. This album is considered already a classic one. “Enemy of God” and “Hordes of Chaos” were, as expected, top notch albums. I would be foolish of me to expect Kreator to revive their old school teutonic thrash metal sound. So far so good. However, when it comes to  “Hate uber alles”, the only thing that reminds you’ re listening to Kreator is Mille’s voice. Technically speaking though to be honest their tracks are still perfect.  I just feel like listening to a modern metal band that is trying to find its own sound. A little bit of thrash, a little bit of power, a little bit of heavy, some atmospheric parts and female vocals, create allover a confusing mix of sounds that  i personally cannot follow. There are tracks though that stand out. In “Gods of Violence” there was also musical variety but in “Hate uber alles” was much louder and I really hope that they ‘ll keep it in the same track. Truth is Kreator have gained many new fans and are going through their most successful era. Although the band seems to have more fans than ever, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, thus the older/prior let’s say fanbase seems to be a bit disappointed.