Genre: Heavy/Speed Metal
Country: India
Label: AFM Records

Heavy Metal is from the beginning inextricably linked to the political and social scene. Over the years it was established as a cultural reference mainly of Western culture. But why the introduction, you may ask? Well, Kryptos are coming from India, which gives them a greater fighting spirit as I take adversity for granted. For this reason, one could see them with greater sympathy and the music alone is enough to win you. In 2013 they wrote their own story, as it was the first band from India to play in WOA. ‘Afterburner’ has all the makings to make them more known, whether that happens or not. It is their fifth job and is once again a special blend of musical references. There is a music base that presses on the classic Heavy Metal, but with more reference to its melodic moments. Velocities flirt with Speed Metal and vocals with Thrash Metal, reminiscent of the style of Schmier of Destruction. All of this together could create a bizarre mixture, but fortunately this is not the case. Their many influences are filtered harmoniously through their personal prism. My only objection is the vocals, which sound a little one-dimensional and deprive the compositions a little bit more. Afterburner’s strong point is the many good ideas on guitars, making you want to hear it over and over again. Overall it is a release more than remarkable.