Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: India
Label : AFM Records

I discovered Kryptos with their previous release “Αfterburner” that came out in 2019. It was a release that impressed me a lot. From that point, I was waiting for their next release. I think that I haven’t discovered Kryptos earlier just because the group it’s from India, a not traditional country for Heavy Metal. “Force of Danger” came out this year and it’s the sixth full length for the group. All their previous releases are at least good. In 2013, Kryptos played in Wacken Open Air. It was the first time that an Indian group played in this festival. Let’s see what’s happen in their new release. “Force of Danger” is an album that would easily been out in the 80’s. 8 tracks, 35 minutes length and a cult artwork cover. The music is based on the interesting guitar playing. The tracks have catchy riffs and a solid rhythm section. It reminds me a lot Judas Priest and Accept. While the music is traditional Heavy Metal, Ganesh’s K. vocals are completely different for a Heavy Metal band. They are close to Teutonic thrash vocals. It brings me in mind a hybrid of Mille Petrozza and Schmier. “Force of Danger” will satisfy all Heavy Metal fans. In the future I would like to hear something out of their comfort zone. But for now I’m really satisfied of what they offer. They are much better than many bands which join the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal. Maybe, they are not so popular because they came from India but for the same reason they deserve our respect!