Genre: Black ‘n’ Roll
Country: Norway
Label: Rise Records
Year: 2020

In 2010 the eponymous album of “Kvelertak” had fallen on our heads like a thunderbolt in perpetuity. A wonderful combination of Black, Punk and Rock ‘n’ Roll that gave a tonic, refreshing and evolutionary air to the scene. They themselves had already accomplished something great. With a single album, they had their own distinctive sound that distinguished them from the mass. We were all, of course, wondering how their debut could be overcome by…Truth is that 3 albums after it has not been surpassed. “Meir” was good but not monumental,”Nattesferd” puzzled and we waited for “Splid” to show us what was to come with and by the band. So, their new work brings relief as long as you’re ready to accept some new standars for them that looks like they’re here to stay. The Black element is weakening more and more, especially Black Metal drumming. As a result of this, the band has lost its edge and the corners have been somewhat smoothed. I am one of those who would not want this but on the other hand I cannot fail to recognize that they wrote a record with many beautiful songs. Moreover, the basic trademarks of their sound can also be found in “Splid”. The insidiously beautiful melodies, the big choruses as well as the Punk ‘n’ Roll elements that now receive a greater share of the lion. The change of singer did not cost the band as they made sure that the replacement sang in a similar style. They needed such a record after “Nattesferd” and from now on they can, with slow and steady steps only, have an upward course.