Genre: Glam Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Frontiers Music srl.
Year: 2017


I’m aware of the fact that we skipped this one as well, but it’s better late than never, since it’s impossible for me not to comment on Tracii Guns’ reunion with Phil Lewis in 2016, which was enough to give birth to the amazing Missing Peace. Those loaded guns from Los Angeles managed to release a really great album, 26 years after “Hollywood Vampires”. “The Missing Peace” has nothing to be afraid of neither the debut nor “Cocked & Loaded”. The opening track “It’s all the same to me” is taking us intensely back to 1988 and the debut’s opening, “No Mercy”, while “Speed” is a heavy metal anthem; even a thrasher would listen to it back then (I know you would pal, I know). The most impressive part of the album however is Phil’s voice which hasn’t aged at all in all those years. Try to find differences between Cocked & Loaded and Missing Peace, I dare you.