Genre: Black/Death Metal
Country: Poland
Label: Godz ov War Productions
Year: 2017

The era when you said “black metal” and the first thing that came to mind was Norway has gone and for that is, as well, responsible the Polish scene, which oftentimes reveals many interesting musical projects. One of them is LABYRINTH ENTRANCE, a solo effort from Krakow, whose mastermind is Hunger, the bassist of Stillborn, and “Monumental Bitterness” is their debut album; a debut quite ambitious.

The album is a puzzle of five (six along with the intro that sounds like… thrown up from the catacombs) songs of a total duration of forty minutes, all of them named Canto, with their numbering starting from zero. Musically, the roads on which Hunger chose to walk by… expressing his inner thoughts are quirky, hideous and unpredictable, since they are from those who can suddenly open and swallow you up, because a mixture of raw and old-fashioned black/death, slow and without many outbursts, and a pretty catchy railroad lead riffing, is hard to give a good result. When, indeed, all of the above are framed by a fairly clean production and a drum-machine instead of regular drums, the bet is even more difficult to win. However, in that case of Labyrinth Entrance, this bet, to a considerable extent, has been won.

“Monumental Bitterness” is, in the face of some negative opinions of several… close-minded reviewers, a release with soul and a lot of character and the future of Labyrinth Entrance is expected brilliant.