Genre: Doom/ Gothic Metal
Country: Greece
Label: –
Year: 2018

Even though heavy metal has been rising in Greece as the years go by with so many new bands popping up everywhere, there are still some genres that have been left obscure. One of them, is the mourning side of metal, yet not the extreme one. I’ m talking about doom – veiled with a gothic essense- metal, following the paths of Draconian, Lake of Tears and Tristania. Lachrymose is a band coming from Thessaloniki who has been following those steps crowned with success. Formed in 2013, the band unleashed its debut record “Carpe Noctum” in 2015. Their newest effort “The Unseen” was out recently. Even though I was lucky enough to listen to this E.P. In its entirety live a month ago at its live release party at the Eightball Club, I sat and listened to it carefully to see what those guys do in the studio.
“The Unseen” opened a new chapter for the band since we now see an upgraded level of what we ha known. More structured songs, well-worked lyrics and vocals with a decent diction by the impressive frontwoman Helena. Those are the things I enjoyed this time with Lachrymose, since they do not try to make an impression by overexposuring themselves as a group and as musicians. Yet, I sensed some lack of dynamics in Helena’s voice. She is a good performer, with a great articulation, hitting the right notes each time, yet I felt that something was missing from her voice. The songs are atmospheric, melancholic, yet powerful, while on a compositional level are not that demanding. “Capricorn Descending”, a collaboration with The Dead Creed, is one of the best tracks I’ve heard for 2018.
If anyone is into Sins Of Thy Beloved, Theater Of Tragedy and My Dying Bride, this record is a must, while I hope the next time Draconian or Paradise Lost is in town, Lachrymose will share the stage with them.