Genre: Alternative/ Gothic Metal
Country: Italy
Label: Century Media
Year: 2019

I hadn’t been in touch with Lacuna Coil for ages. I mean, until 2017 where I saw them live and blew my mind in any aspect. Perfect show, perfect form, perfect stage energy. This show gave me the chance to come back to their first albums, as well as to take a better look on their latest ones, “Delirium”, “Broken Crown Halo” and “Dark Adrenaline”. When “Black Anima” was announced, the band had promised something darker, heavier and different. At first, I thought “Oh well”, but fuck yeah, they proved me wrong. Keeping in mind the direction they crossed since “Dark Adrenaline”, the album couldn’t be anything else but dark and heavy. Then, “Layers of Time” popped up and I was shocked, while 100% sure for what to expect. An amazing album, by a historic band that pretty much everyone born after 1990 has been through a phase listening to them nonstop. There are also some deep breakdowns, something that might bother a few due to the metalcore inspiration but still, it’s nothing annoying in here. The fact that I enjoy most in this album is Andrea’s bigger contribution vocally. He is a beast, and his voice along with Cristina’s matches this new era perfectly. Cristina is a legend. She grows like fine wine – the past five years her voice has been tremendously great both in studio and live. “Black Anima” is a great record, indicating an upgraded version of Lacuna Coil in a way they were supposed to be many years ago – Lacuna Coil is not your average gothic metal, woman-fronting band. They have been having heads turning and hair windmilling for ages, and this album proves why.