Four former GHOST members have filed a lawsuit against Tobias Forge, also known as Papa Emeritus, for financial reasons. According to them, even though their original agreement was to split the bands revenue amongst the members, Forge would only sporadically pay them low amounts of money and only when they pressured him. Whenever they asked for a payment, Forge would say that they don’t make enough money as a band and that they will get paid in the future.

They also state that Forge asked them to sign contracts last year, but they refused, since the terms were to concede all rights and the leadership of the band, to him. With a statement on Blabbermouth ( the four former GHOST members, claimed that Forge is trying to turn GHOST into a solo project with hired musicians, in a devious way.

The complainants demand Forge to release GHOST’s earnings from year 2011 up until year 2016, and also suggest Forge to be fined 200.000 Swedish Krona’s, if he refuses to do so (approximately 20.000 euros)