Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Portugal
Label: Non Nobis Productions
Year: 2020

It gives me extra joy to hear cool music coming from countries that don’t give us many top notch Heavy Metal bands. Leather Synn are coming from Portugal and even though they are active for than a decade they haven’t released a full length. This is their sophomore EP entitled “Warlord”, and for some reason, it has 2 re-recordings from their debut EP. I think that this could have been avoided; still it gives us the opportunity to hear their improvement.  The band used to play traditional Heavy Metal and now they have put some new elements leaning to a more epic sound. In “Warlord” and “Still In My Heart” they enrich their music and we can see this epic approaching. The vocal lines help to this direction, while the Maiden-like guitars are still present and this is something positive. The re-recording don’t add something to the release and this is the bad thing about this EP. We hear a band that has the potential and the dynamic, but unfortunately they miss the opportunity to write more music, more new material to make it a proper release, which probably would, took them to the next level. If we pretend that the material is all new songs then we can admit that this is a pleasant EP. But if we see the whole picture the band should try more, focus on new music and hurry up to record new material in order to release a full length as soon as possible.