Genre: Black metal
Country: Hellas
Label: Fucking Your Creation Records
Year: 2020

Those of us who know what Wrath from Nadiwrath and Dodsferd means, know that he is a very restless spirit (I would refer to him more as a poltergeist to be honest 😀 ) and we also know that he cannot stay only in one band/project. So here we have his new creation, Leeches, which consists of N.D. (Isolert, Sorgelig) on guitars and drums, Wrath on vocals and Reaction (also Isolert and Sorgelig) on bass. Their first creation is the EP “A Plague in the Heart of Light”, released by Wrath’s label, in a limited number of white and black tape. CD and vinyl releases are also expected, again in limited numbers, within the year. Let’s dive into it…

From the first seconds, starting from the production, we have an EP, taken off the rotten guts of the 90s. This is clear and there is no doubt about it. Fast (mostly) black metal, with raw and perfectly sharp guitars, which sow panic and blackness everywhere in their passage. The vocals? What can we say about the vocals… Hatred, inhumanity and better yet the unsuspecting to keep a safe distance because it is almost dangerous what we listen to here and of course meant in a good manner. The bass, while not playing a leading role, together with the drums, create a compact and inaccessible rhythm section, with the sole purpose of getting your heads splattered on the wall. Simple as that.

Music-wise, we have 5 tracks, of pure Scandinavian black metal, as we said above mostly fast, with drums full of blast beats and double bass drums, guitars playing a mixture of tremolo picking with riffs that in places will bring a bit of Marduk to mind, which of course is not at all bad and vocals (which I dare say without fear but with a lot of passion), reminiscent of Pelle “Yngve” Ohlin. 5 tracks, duration of 17:43 and forget the world as you knew it. Only the hatred and rotten souls to the core will prevail and this will be our life for the rest of eternity.