Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Cyprus
Label: Pure Steel Records
Year: 2015

Cypriots hailing from Nicosia, Lethal Saint, were formed somewhere in 2006 and released in 2010 their same-titled debut from Pitch Black Records. Five years later, they released “WWIII” through the German Pure Steel Records hoping for better days and recognition from a wider audience. I believe they’ re gonna make it, as they seem to have the package that is needed to stand on the scene.

They give us what we want to hear from bands in such level. Heavy metal with guts (balls actually). They play passionate melodic power metal, attending to the American scene, reminding us bands like Pharaoh, Onward, Helstar etc. For the vocalist, I would say that his vocal range matches the qualification of sick, dirty and mean… screaming machine. He even growls, making the tracks on the album sound even more interesting. “Merciless Decay”, “Ascend To Power” and the same-title are the tracks that will make you go mad and keep them in your mind. After Solitary Sabred, Lethal Saint are winning the bet, showing that the metal heart is beating very loud on the island of Aphrodite.