Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Metal Blade Records
Year: 2018

A common thing that goes unnoticed to me for quite some time is that most reviews upon a certain record look alike. Much alike. The way that most releases in a genre (almost concerning all extreme sound sub-genres) have a certain good production quality, but present something already been said in all possible ways, especially in the Swedish death metal camp where everything’s following an annoying copy-paste logic.  That distinctive sound of HM-2 pedal, melodic riffing, grooviness, lyrics, aesthetic, covers and cliché reviews or presentations on sites and magazines will describe my point. What’s new in “Carnage” and is worthy of our attention? What do we have to offer to our readers, that hasn’t been written somewhere else or even by us for another record of familiar sound? We’ve reached a point of ruminating sounds and words, completely pointless. The Swedes have not much to say anymore. As songwriters they’re definitely powerful and surely have the ability to create memorable songs that stick to your mind. They have an old-fashioned approach served to us with well-polished production quality and in a modern way. Only thing is to witness if time is going to treat “Carnage” well. The melodic parts contain an Iron Maiden-like feeling, as it happens in most records of the field, are edgy and soft, close to be veiled as to not interrupt the frenzy, rhythmic Dismember-like patterns of the record. It is an interesting suggestion for lovers of Stockholm and its old-school death metal.

Highlights: ‘Rid You of Your Flesh’, ‘Death Cult’ και ‘Dr Duschanka’ & ‘Celebration of the Twisted’.