Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Metal Blade Records
Year: 2020

LIK, Stockholm’s (soon will be finest) quartet featuring guitarist/vocalist Tomas Ákvik, guitarist Niklas Sandin, bassist Joakim Antman, and drummer Chris Barkensjö are here to stay! Their latest effort entitled “Misanthropic Breed” proves that, by being one the most interesting works in Death Metal this year. Ok, they’re not innovators or discovering a brave new world, but who cares for new elements or new directions, when you get the best of Swe-Death Metal in your hands? I mean LIK, know how to write excellent, yet simple, compositions the old traditional way and they are proud of it. They also have the talent to avoid sounding repetitive; even though they follow the great unholy book of death metal commandments like Hebrews followed Moses in the desert. The HM-2 Heavy Metal pedal distortion, the soaring riffs, the heavily detuned guitars, the guttural vocals, the effective bridges, the beat tempo, the catchy groove, the middle-eights, the memorable choruses, the harmony sequences, the melodic solos, the technically proficient guitar lines and the breaks are all here. Dismember, Carnage, Entrails, Bloodbath, Entombed and Death ‘n Roll aficionados have already bought it! Check also the rest of their discography as 2015’s “Mass Funeral Evocation” and 2018’s “Carnage” are worth exploring. Highlights: “Corrosive Survival”, “Female Fatal To The Flesh”, “Morbid Fascination” and “Flesh Frenzy”.