After a slight delay from the time the show was supposed to start, locals Abyssus present themselves on Temple’s Stage with a new EP on their backs, promising full-on mood and preparation for a powerful gig. So it happened. Moving towards the familiar old school death meatl way, following the path of Obituary, early Death and a little bit of Bolt thrower, they were the ideal choice to accompany the old school dark sound of the headliners. The sound at the beginning was not in their favor, but the situation was soon improved, especially from the middle towards the end of their set. Their performance was more than powerful; they stood strong on the occasion and channeled their energy to the many people in front of them. Their sound was huge, groovy and as a good friend once said, the atmosphere smelled like a dead man’s underwear. I dear to say that they were not treated like being the opening act and I myself enjoyed their set very much. Truth be told, they have not reinvented the wheel with their sound, but I don’t think that was their intention and they don’t have to, to be honest. It was a 45minute set filled with beloved sounds and I’ll make sure to enjoy them live again.

The time was close to 11 pm and it was time to witness in person the ugliest band in the world, their words, not mine. This gig was marked with some special news, for starters. One guitar on stage, Aggressor on bass guitar/vocal duties, Apollyon behind the kit and at the same time doing vocals for some songs, a thing that he confessed was his first time doing since it was the tour’s first stop adopting the new data. Bearing an amazing mood and a rock ‘n’ roll attitude, they proved that they’re not one the Greek audience’s favorites by chance. The sound hold also some problems at this case as well, but soon enough was improved and accompanied the band they way it should. With their new record just released, it just felt natural to witness that they were in top shape and spend their time on stage with a tremendously fast, hellish set that was full of punk attitude. We luckily also had the chance to listen to some classics we all love. In a few words we witnessed an intense concert that felt like an attack. It makes so much sense now that their most representative song in concept terms and sound is “Black Thrash Attack” which they chose to end their gig with, on the encore the crowd ecstatically demanded.