Last Friday I went down-town towards Kerameikos and visited for the first time Texas Rock Club in order to witness the Dutch old-school hardcore veterans Backfire giving a gig supported by the Athenians Sounkrash and Cartilage. All courtesy of Hardtimes Athens.

First on the scene were Soundkrash around 10 am, approximately one hour later than the time it the gig was supposed to begin. With many gigs on their back and a new astonishing drummer (although he experienced many technical problems with his drumset) they managed to bomb us with their highly massive heavy hardcore (as they call their selves and not in vein) for about half an hour playing songs from older releases and a fresh one.

The torch was later handed to Cartilage for their first gig in one year absence. High energy, an extreme performance and good groove managed to make the audience dance a little more, all conducted by a charismatic frontman and exceptional screamer, but his clean vocals need to be worked little more if I’m allowed to say so. The drums’ problem had their say here, too, when the microphone of the snare drum fell off at one point, while the sound quality in general was not in their favor.

It was time for the main act now and Backfire hit the stage full of smiles. There were also some technical problems present with the backing vocalists’ microphones, but everything was sorted till the second song. When everything was ready the Dutch did what they know and do best for many years. With an excessive amount of energy they tore the stage down reminding friends of old-school hardcore times that passed. They showed us that hardcore is something more than a great performance and having a good time for two hours on a Friday night. They took a political stand between their songs and talked from topics like the socio-economical crisis till conformism and above all showed that they don’t take their fans for granted acknowledging how hard it is nowadays to pay a ticket for the band you love. I just hope they had as much fun as we did.