It was a live show that many of us were looking forward to, mainly, due to the return of Pepper Keenan to Corrosion of Corformity. Some people are talking about the fact that not many people joined the event because of the referendum announcement. What I would personally like to mention is that a ticket price of 25 euros is too high! If you add a beer and a t-shirt to this amount, you have finally spent 50 euros until the end of the live show! The organizers should realize that the economic situation in our country is really bad and therefore they should stop aiming only for profit. They also have to consider that if the sound is bad too, people will be less willing to support them in the future.

Fuzz club was empty when Full House Brew Crew appeared on stage. The chaps played their southern/groove/stoner stuff in a good mood, although the attendance was low and tepid. They gave a worthy performance as a support band to the warhorses, Corrosion of Corformity. In the end, they played Godsmack’s “Awake” and warmed us up. A pleasant and modest appearance. Well done, guys!

On the contrary, Potergeist looked kind of cocky on stage. I wasn’t thrilled by that “Anselmo” style and attitude: “I’m gonna kick ass, I’m gonna kick the shit out of the crowd!”. I wasn’t trilled by their songs neither! You can’t get any closer to Pantera than this! The crowd responded positively, at first, but later the performance wasn’t that interesting and there were awkward breaks of boredom. The crowd was eager for Corrosion of Corformity.

After a little delay, Corrosion Of Conformity appeared on stage. They seem to be in a good mood. In the beginning, the sound was really bad. Afterwards, it improved but it still wasn’t the right one. C.O.C., due to Keenan’s comeback, chose to play most tracks from the monumental “Deliverance”, “In the arms of God” and “Wiseblood”. Unfortunately, they didn’t sound so gracious as they do in the albums owing to the bad sound, the careless playing of the band and especially Reed’s unstable playing. The crowd didn’t ask for an encore when the band left the stage. However, the band appeared again and Mike Dean joked about the crowd’s cold reaction. Let me comment at this point that even the biggest band must always try to win the applause and recognition in every live show. A brand name and some good songs are not enough…Anyway, the band performed better during the encore. “Vote with the bullet” and an extended version of “Clean my Wounds” caused a mess and the live show ended.

I left the place being perplexed and confused.