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My great wish of watching Draconian perform live before me for the very first time, caused great emotional charge, while I walked on the wet, traditional paths, which lead to the Eightball Club. My expectations that the musical abilities of Draconian are not restricted within the studio walls were verified by their excellent appearance on stage.

Draconian’s music is similar to the wind; sometimes mild, sometimes wild, taking no account of the walls of the venue, it took down doors and smashed the bonds between earth and infinity, revealing before us new flashes and new stars. Intoxicating sweet melodies, mixed with music rage and despair, defying the laws of gravity, they pushed our existence to the depths of the immeasurable universe. We smelled the fragrance of eternity and tasted their sweet wine and drunken happiness that lies inside sadness. Amongst other stuff, we should mention Heike Langhans’ wonderful voice, and the incredibly strong and passionate vocals of Jacobsson, one of the leading, in my view, death metal singers.

As you’ll see for yourselves, the band performed just 8 tracks, 5 of which are included in ‘Soran’!

Stellar Tombs

A Scenery Of Loss

Heavy Lies The Crown

Pale Tortured The Blue


Rivers Between Us


Death Come Near Me

All of the tracks are incredible, but that wasn’t enough to satisfy our appetite, so we were singing “WE WANT MORE”. In vain. The gig’s duration (65 minutes) was desperately short for a band that has 6 great albums in their inventory; 6 musical artworks, from which you cannot distinguish which one is best.

Overall, it was a great concert that was overshadowed by the poor time duration, and the unjustified, for a band of this range, absence of the crowd.