Even though the weather was being a huge pain in the arse, we managed to reach Eightball Club rather early, just in time to keep up with good friends’ news and to grab a beer (or more).

Sometime past 21:00 the doors of the club opened and without any procrastination, the special guests of the night’s gig climbed on stage. Astrarot have been stepping up their game a lot in this last year, by supporting distinguished acts of the scene or performing locally. Only a few days had passed since their last performance at the Heartcore Fest Vol 1. As I said before, Astrarot move with solid steps forward. Presenting a rather extensive setlist, they managed to warm up the crowd. Their stage presence was even more satisfying this time, with much more energy coming from the band’s two guitarists / vocalists and bassist, who didn’t stop moving up and down the stage. Not only was that good for us in the crowd, but it was for themselves as well, as – from what I can understand – any bits of stress are now long gone, thus their overall presence gains points in quality. One of the best moments of Astrarot’s performance was their cover of the track “Headup”, originally performed by Deftones. End Cycle’s guitarist, Harry, joined Astrarot on stage, while the band’s other guitarist walked amidst the crowd, giving his own show for a few minutes.

Time was ripe for the crazy Americans Expire to hit the stage. Massive sound, amazing stage performance, great in engaging the crowd with witty comments. It’s really hard to believe what those young lads did in stage. They were fully energetic and in high spirits, something that was obvious throughout their set. They seemed overly satisfied when people from the crowd climbed on stage or sang along their lyrics. Well, who wouldn’t be satisfied and thankful when feeling appreciated by a country’s crowd that’s so far away from home? Also, I don’t know if my excitement for this gig, or Expire’s excellent stage presence or the beers I previously had, had something to do with this, but I felt like the gig was short in duration. Nonetheless, I / we experienced on the best shows so far and really hope to seeing Expire again in the years to come!

Expire setlist: Regret, Pretty Low, Sleep Lost, Bark, Reputation, Just Fine, Forgetting, Pendulum, Old Habit, Spit Out, Abyss, Focus