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On Friday, Athens’ audience had the chance to witness a landmark album live and that’s no other than “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas”by Norwegians Mayhem. Like this wasn’t enough, our own Ravencult were added to the equation with a new fierce record on their hands, perfectly brought to us by 3 Shades of Black, Catch the Soap Productions and Fuzz Live Music Club in cooperation. Of course, we at Metal Invader would not miss it for the world. For more, read further.

Ravencult set foot on stage according to schedule in an easily going full venue which was getting fuller as their set went on. With no further ado, they established their presence and proved that they’re worth the fuzz and attention they gathered around them. It was just their second performance after releasing their latest record (the first was the previous day in Thessaloniki), “Force of Profanation”, and they supported it in the best possible way. Technically impeccable, with great dynamic on stage, they offered a more than pleasing show with their drummer and singer stealing the show, even if the sound wasn’t exactly a comrade. For god’s sake, it wasn’t awful, just a little blurry on the guitar which is an important weapon for a riff-after-riff band as they are. It was essential especially for those not familiar with the band’s work. The audience seemed to enjoy a great deal “Beneath the Relics of Old” and “Morbid Blood” (from their previous self-titled record) and didn’t hesitate to express it actively. It there was something I would change, it would be their set’s duration. Their aggressive and voluptuous music is fairly difficult to be absorbed and understood in such big quantities.

Usually it’s very difficult for me to escape from giving basis to technicalities and trying to find “objectivity” as a listener, but this is one of those cases. Mayhem climbed on stage and the only feeling I got from there on was pure ecstasy. I’m not a fanboy type of guy, neither they’re my favourite band, but I just couldn’t resist to their grandiose presence and the atmosphere they inspired. It would be a bold lie, if I said that they didn’t meet sound problems on their first 2-3 songs, but as the set went on everything got better. Not that it really mattered in the end… The characteristic reverb on Hellhammer’s drum sound and Attila’s hellish tortured screams echoed like no day had passed since May the 24th, 1994. Combined with a unique theatricality that they only know how to produce and the sets that accompanied it (candles, skulls, dead figures, banners, cloaks, masks) led to a unique experience for the attendees. Their choice to use ambient parts between the songs was extremely fortunate for my sake and the night’s biggest highlight was “Life Eternal”. No encore, just a plain, amazing performance with no room for doubt.