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Report by Elia Tsara

Septic Flesh is a band that makes the Greek audience feel it so familiar, although it would be more logical to be felt far off and transcendental due to its sound. Sounds paradox. And all this agrees with that night, as Seth, ignoring the fact that especially the older ones knew his songs, chose to introduce his songs to us, giving us the impression that these songs were born the same time they were heard, and by chance, their sound was hiding somewhere inside us.

The concept of the night would be how their new album Titan could afford the previous releases like The Great Mass and Communion and more and more….. Here, you will not read something like that because these opinions – as we have not been taught- are the ones of people who believe in progress and evolution. So, I don’t want in the case of Septic Flesh to focus on their potential progress. I have to tell though that Titan was added to their previous masterpieces. Ok… I had the curiosity to see how the crowd that night in Fuzz would accept the Titan songs as it is thought that they are somehow difficult or uneasy to be heard. Let’ take it from the beginning…..

The night started with LLOTH. From the first song, you could tell that the high level of their performance as well as their songs were seemed to be well rehearsed. Alles Back has a powerful structure and a marvelous bridge that combines its parts. Their sound became better as the time was passing so it was easier for me to enjoy them. It seems obvious that the band is influenced by Rotting Christ, but ok, that night it was ok for us to recognize things as familiar. I paid attention to their frontman in the song Archos, as I realized that he was playing with the sound of his voice. In Athanati, a song that was devoted to Astarte, the audience started expressing themselves more by using their hands. It was a fact that some people around me noticed that we couldn’t listen to the guitars so clearly. I also needed that as they were making miracles, adding powerfulness to the “giant” rthythm section of the band. The composition I dead Inside was horny enough and the band closed its program with Pan. Thinking of it, I liked them. If there was something that was missing, I will let the fellow people who went there to point it out.

Setlist LLOTH

Alles black




I dead inside


After that, WEB took the place in front of the scene, together withweb a warm clapping and a grandiose piano introduction. Make up, devil horns for a frontman who was keeping a stick with a skull steps on the stage in a theatrical way. That was the only time that I stayed to what I saw, as in the next moments, I noticed only his voice, which sounded poetic enough. I have to congratulate them for their first compositions as the changes in the rhythms in the guitars made me feel enthusiasm. That fact stayed the same in their second song showing me that my enthusiasm was absolutely justified. Their compositions were spotless and in that, that was enough for me and I didn’t need more. I like their modern and industrial sound, their samples, putting as a headline “Athens, I wanna hear your voice”. It was good that during the moments that the audience were not so expressive- explaining that I was sitting somewhere behind, where usually people stay calmer- the band was trying all the time to cheer us up. Dragona, a song from their last release had an easily- heard refrain, making people shout. And in the end, they called “the Titans” as it was the time for Septic Flesh to come to the stage.

W.E.B. setlist

Intro – Where Everything Begun



For Bidens


Blessed Blood

My Storm Upon You

Dragona (καινουριο κομματι)

Outro – Regnum Sanguinis


Having for décor the cover of Titan, Septic Flesh came out with an absolute normality. From the first moment, Seth seemed ready to engulf the scene, something very important as it needs a frontman to make people look at him, for the things he is saying and for the way he stands in front of it. Seth manages that and that explains why he is adorable.  Of course the talent of the fellow band came to seal all this situation – not forgetting that I have some personal artistic preferences, so it is unfair to forget the others. Classically the most powerful moments of the live was Communion and The Great Mass of Death. The last song was devoted to S. Vagenas who was absent due to a personal health problem. During these two songs the crowd was moving like a wave, making me believe, that that was a way to engulf me and the people who were standing around me, as we didn’ t have so much space to move.

The truth is that there was a little bit embarrassment, in Titan’ septic fleshsongs, especially in some symphonic or technical parts. But they were surely ok for us, we don’ t have to make any complaints as they surely sound good. Also, it is a fact that usually old songs have greater vibes to a crowd as they are more familiar to their ears. That is a response to Seth’s phrase that “As you understand, we have to play songs from Titan”. Moreover, there was an earthquake In Persepolis. The Song Titan sounded enough good to the audience. Last, there was a strong, very strong encore with Anubis and Prometheus. Even if the breaks between their songs sometimes were big, we were not losing the atmosphere, as Septic Flesh have something to say, even if they are standing simply in front of us without doing anything.

We were asked to release all of our energy and I think we did it.septic flesh Until the last Prometheus, even the more conscious audiences had their hands up. Finally, Seth introduced us Krihm, explaining that their next album would be catastrophic. Even if he didn’t use exactly that word, you should accept that I might heard it myself. Because, in these cases, returning back to home, hanging in a hanger an armor, if you were wearing it, showing to your surrounding all  these videos and photos you were taking- I wonder who is watching so many bad snaps by all these mobile phones- there is only one thought: Ok, you have to wait their new material to have fun with their new music, but you are attracted more by a curiosity which burns the question “ How the next Septic Flesh album will  sound?”

Setlist Septic Flesh

War in Heaven


Order of Dracul

A Great Mass of Death


Pyramid God



The Vampire from Nazareth



Lovecraft’s Death