Hidden deep within the bastion of mainstream debauchery, a small Temple was recently erected, recognizable only by its enigmatic wooden sign of the sun and the small group of shadowy figures gathered outside. A Temple unlike others, celebrating not superficial material things or questionable ideas, but transcending connections to the unknown and the unexplained though aural vibrations, what should be rightfully called divine in its own way.

Temple finally officially opened its doors; 3 Shades of Black called the congregation!

King Dude preached on Sabbath (11/11).

“Lord’s day” was reserved for the ancestors -Aluk Todolo-, for time itself (12/11).

The ceremony was initiated by Chronoboros. The trio of time-devourers (Chronos=time + boros=consumer) creped up from the hot and damp basements of Athens to shyly occupy the pulpit and forcefully, yet pleasantly, disorient us, opening up our aural pathways, alerting our senses. No formal introductions -apart maybe from some reserved words of gratitude towards the end of the performance-, only chaotic post-hardcore tracks intertwined with noisy interludes, unrestricted by temporal boundaries, dissonant, temperamental, technical, exceptional! The last note led to feedback, guitar dropped on the floor, they gathered their gear and rushed off the stage, acting like nothing happened… I gathered my jaw from the floor -once again-, and rushed outside.

The main event, the mystagogy.

Darkness fills the hall. The Enochian letter “Un” projected at the back of the stage, signifies the altar. Forming a triangle, three high priests enclose an antique light bulb hanging low from the ceiling. Countdown… and the menacing Occult Rock ritual initiates. Hypnotic bass motifs intertwined with earsplitting guitar screeches riding on unstoppable, simultaneously black metal and ritualistic, beats, enchant the believers. Antoine Hadjioannou, frantically drumming behind a minimal, but cymbal-rich set, like a shaman and a conductor, with eyes rolled back in trance, surrounded by two imposing monoliths of noise, guitarist Shantidas Reidacker and bassist Matthieu Canaguier, summon spirits that the Temple can not withstand, walls rumbling, the central light bulb flickering by the intensity of the “chant”, softly at times, with blinding brightness at others.

Devoid of frills and easily digestible introductions, this event was not for the faint-hearted. Those who had the devotion to attend Sunday’s mass from the beginning, endured it and understood it, left reborn, satisfied, and with a Chronoboros or Aluk Todolo LP under their arms; judging by the queue at the merchandise table by the end of the concert, quite a lot.

Photos  from the event by Kostis An for Metal Invader here.