Whores., hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, is a trio that has gathered enough attention around their name for their few releases and years around. Reviving a not so popular, yet uniquely tight scene which is no other that noise rock. In a high decibel night, locals Last Rizla were definitely the right choice to join them.

Last Rizla climbed on stage according to schedule (not taken for granted congratulations attributed to the promoter). Even if I am familiar with their vivid presence inside the Greek underground scene, I was only the first time I had the luck on catching them live. Their slightly less than an hour set was all-inclusive with disastrous drops, psychedelic passages, straight-from-the-well vocals and high sound levels. Their best asset though was their abundant love for what they do. It was obvious that they enjoyed every minute of their time on stage and made clear that they do what they do 100% consciously. In spite of everything else, extreme music is deeply personal and you have to love it personally first and foremost. The amazing vibe they created got even better by inviting their friend Michalis (Friend of Gods) who contributed vocals and didn’t hesitate to get the feeling, rocking-out with them. My personal highlight was “Oporto”, a new song of their upcoming 4-way split with Friend of Gods, Rita Mosss & Sadhus (The Smoking Community), where they shows a renewed, faster and more electrified songwriting character.

I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the turn-out because let’s be honest. This scene is small and the gigs now are so many. Something about that gig must have spoken to the Greek audience on another level though. It did not only fill the room, but also rocked-out with the Americans. Instantly the room submitted to their thunderous cloud of fuzz, moved to their rhythmic attack and loved their paranoid idiosyncrasy. Last Thursday night was a love story between the stage and musicians while Whores. also tore the stage to pieces and poured a lot of sweat doing what they love. They didn’t miss the chance to make clear how happy they were to be with us. Christian Lembach made clear that his empathy levels were quite big, that the stage was not an obstacle between us and that he could sense and understand all of us. A little splash of extra love got the Eyehategod T-shirt in the room and Stelios (???) who seemed to know every song since the both enjoyed a special shout-out by Christian. I’ve said it before, I don’t like encores and Whores. too from what they told us, but couldn’t take it away from us so they broke their rule with “Mental Illness As Mating Ritual” which was preceded by a small social commentary about the difficulty to conform in western society’s ways.

In a few words, last Thursday was a more than fun night for high volume lovers and we’ve got Smoke the Fuzz to thank for it. Their gigs are famous for their organization and quality. Excellent sound and everything went according to schedule. Isn’t it nice to have a great night and don’t rush yourself to make it home?

P.S.1: On-stage photographer on Last Rizla’s set that thing with the flash on everyone’s faces was not very polite.

P.S.2: Some of you that still scream sexist remarks as kind of joke in 2018 go back to your cave.