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An Club, Athens, Greece


by Kostis Anastasopoulos

Another Friday night found many people gathered outside of An Club waiting anxiously for the doors to open.

The live began with a slight delay and first on the line-up were Krause from Athens. Even though the band is relatively fresh and this was their first performance, they did excellent on stage making everyone move with their songs from their much expected debut album “2 am thoughts”.  Their eccentric bass guitar was on leading role, the guitars were spiraling in frenzy melodies and the drummer was in complete control of his dynamic playing hammering mercilessly his drum kit. All of which was enough to keep everyone pleased for their 40-minute set. 90’s noise rock elements and sludgy touches establish Krause as a band with its own identity. The sound wasn’t in their favor as long as it was clear that in some parts the whole thing got kind of confusing. I’d prefer some effect pedals for the vocals, just like in the album, to add the maximum decay to their punk attitude playing.

Next on stage were the also Athenians Wham Jah. The duo climbs on stage, the lights go off and the trip begins. The band having released many works and also 5 years on its back seems to know their stuff. I noticed many psychedelic and noise rock influences that paired harmonically with ambient elements accompanied by a plethora of effect pedals that were used for the guitar, the vocals and even the drums that with loops and other effects created a wall of sound so big and as a matter of fact way bigger than the band itself. Their good performance added on the powerful improvisational parts on stage made many people move and declared Wham Jah an excellent choice for the line-up.

The time had come for the main act. The infamous trio from Italy that started its tour with Athens as it first stop sets up on stage and without further a due begins to destroy everything at sight with unstoppable sonic slaps. From the first song one could stop the professionalism of the band that drove the “car” of experimental sound since 1977 and has toured with band like Melvins and Fantômas. They disrespected gracefully all genres and with a charismatic ease passed through math and noise rock to even jazz, post and metal waves. The bass was heavy, a baritone saxophone dressed with effect pedals gave a free-jazzy madness and the drummer was so virtuoso that made all jaws drop to the floor. They all crossed between constant changes filled with noisy improvisations and many ideas that kept you still. Of course the audience wouldn’t leave without 2 encore songs. In a few words, Zu made their first performance in Greece a tremendously intense experience that will forever remain unforgettable.