Livet Som Insats, Everyday hate, spela snabbare, grindcore, sweden

Swedish Livet Som Insats was blasted together in 2009, with K.J. on guitars and vocals, Patrick on bass and vocals and Harda Tord on drums. Their force-feeding opinions were recorded in 2010 as a promo, later released on cassette as Forsta Insatsen 2011. The following year their first self titled album was released on Addiction To War Records, followed up by some splits with various bands as PP7 Gaftzeb, Anger Burning and Raw Hate. Due to various reasons Patrik left the band in 2015, but Livet Som Insats grinds on and their second album is out mid March, via EveryDay Hate Records and Spela Snabbare Records.

You can read the review of ‘Check Your Grind’ here. The album recorded by Livet Som Insats and Pontus Bergström, it was mixed by Cederick Forsberg. The artwork handled by A.S.A.P. Productions and the front cover picture taken by Seth Jansson.

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