Genre: Death Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Relapse Records
Year: 2020

Every story that turns into disaster starts with the phrase: “I know a guy”. Well Living Gate’s debut ep is actually a triumph not a disaster, but still I will start my story with the cliché phrase….so, I know a guy that owned a T-shirt of Burzum’s “Hvis Lyset Tar Oss” artwork cover as a stamp and he sold it a couple of years ago for 300 dollars. He was wearing it in his sleep as a pajama and while the cloth was long suffering, the buyer was convinced that this way the t-shirt looked old-school enough and had a cult aura…so when the guy that sold the T-shirt took the money, he bought as a beer in the local metal bar and we were discussing on how in hell nostalgia works on music industry and which would have been the next trend in metal, in terms of reincarnation of a sub-genre. We all agreed that Death Metal was ready to reconquering its throne. No I’m not saying that I’m looking for fools that want to buy in extremely outrage prices any of my Pestilence T-shirts or Morbid Angel cassette – tapes I own…

Cut-up, Entrails, Gruesome and many more that pay tribute to the gods of the glorious past proved us right, while Tomb Mold or Blood Incantation carries the flame of contemporary glory of the genre. Living Gate finds various members of Yob, Wiegedood, Amenra and Oathbreaker to play ferocious Death Metal with raw drums and pounding percussion, powerful guitars with menacing riffs and vomiting vocals. The band has the chemistry that is demanded in order a side project to shine like its members’ main bands. The ideas sound not exactly innovating, but still fresh enough to intrigue the listener. It may ring a bell to many too, if we speak for old school fans or retro worshippers that dig into Morbid Angel’s early years or Demilich. Living Gate’s members also loves Death and Suffocation and they’ve show it wisely with references and guitars ideas influenced by these bands here and there in all 18 minutes of the EP. Certainly give it a try, because it’s passion and quality deserves your attention.