Genre: Glam/Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label : Metal Blade Records
Year: 2018

December 1st 2010, Larissa. A big dream comes true. Lizzy Borden are due to perform in the Thessalian city and I will finally get the chance to see them live. The goddess of fortune will also treat me good as their costumes and equipment, that create this gothic aura around them, are lost in a customs office or somewhere at the airport forcing them to play a back to the roots primitive rock n’ roll/heavy metal show similar to the one of their first period. Whoever was there will always remember this genuine rock ‘n roll performance. Now, let’s get back to 2018. After completing his spiritual research and after having spent significant time in isolation and endoscopy, the time has come for this eccentric artist to create something new…and here you have it! Pure rock n’ roll delivered in your face one more time! I reckon that Ira Black’s departure (a very talented guitarist indeed) played an important role in their musical change. They might sound less extreme and less harsh, but this dynamic has been compensated by the intensity of the new songs which are dancing and singing anthems. ”My Midnight Things”, which balances on the line between glam/sleaze metal and heavy metal, introduces Mr. Borden to us once more, as he unfairly had been forgotten the past few years. It’s neither 1985, nor 1989, however, a really well-made album made just for the fun of it, can for sure justify its existence today. Albums that you listen to and have fun with are abso-fuckin-lutely necessary in times like these. All in all, those who love “Master Of Disguise” and “Appointment with Death” will surely love the result of mixing those two together, because that’s what “My Midnigth Thing” is. Highlights for me are ‘My Midnight Things’, ‘Long May They Haunt Us’ ‘The Scar Across My Heart’ and ‘The Perfect Poison’.