Genre : Metalcore, Deathcore, Nu Metal
Country : U.K.
Label : Sharp Tone Records
Year : 2017

Debut album by LOATHE, a five member band from Liverpool of the U.K., a concept album named “The Cold Sun” based on a post-apocalyptic story where the agony to survive when a dystopic future lies ahead, becomes of vital need. Intense, attacking music with complex rhythms in the tracks (clear influences from the gods Gojira I would say), groove patterns, catchy refrains, a lot of electronics (building an industrial atmosphere), elements that combined with deathcore playing / vocals are capable of creating a sick vibe to the listener. Generally, we are talking about a release that is close to the roots of death metal but played in a modern way. The only flaw I can detect is the existence of some one minute long meaningless (to me) samples/interludes that stops the natural flow of the album, but I guess the band thought their presence in there helps the delivery of a dark atmosphere that is narrated in the story, handled by the full-of-rage vocalist Kadeem France. It doesn’t spoil the very good image LOATHE leave with their first release. So we are dealing with 34 minutes of fury that combines djent, progressive, metalcore, death and industrial (?!)… It might confuse people but the result is really interesting.