Genre: Death/Grind
Country: England
Label: Listenable records
Year: 2017

Super group? Dream team? How gives a crap about labels? Lock up is the real deal! Along with Hate Plow, Lock Up are one of the most successful project bands in death grind, and maybe even more than that. So, Demonization is the band’s forth album and, personally speaking, it’s their best yet, with a slight differentiation from their first two. Fourteen tracks, forty minutes of violence! I will begin with the album’s one and only negative point, which is Kevin Sharp. Sharp, known to us from Brutal Truth, has a unique voice, with a punk aesthetic, that fitted perfectly with Venomous Concept but not with Lock Up. As time passes and as the album progresses, you can hear the vocals’ weakness, comparing them with all the other aspects of the album. They sound one-dimensional and don’t seem to get along with the black metal riffs the band has written, in the vein of Marduk’s Panzer Division, which I loved. I’m mentioning all that because I have to refer to something negative. This doesn’t mean that the vocals are bad or ruin the entirety of the album, however Demonization’s compositions need Peter Targtgren to pop. If that were the case, we would have been dealing with a death grind masterpiece. As for the others, Barker used his new toys, rototoms… A kind of Toms that were manufactured by Al Payson and Michael Colgrass and have a unique tuning, thus creating a truly unique sound. Many of you may remember something similar from the first albums of Morbid Angel. Killer drumming in terms of speed. This man cannot fit into any category. Anton Reisenegger delivered amazing guitars in both execution and sound. Flawless, with no exaggeration. A bit of filthy playing, just the way it should. Now, for uncle Shane… What can we say? Classic bass tunes with his signature on them. The overall production is very good, very elaborate. In a few words, the old dog knows how to bark! The album was released via Listenable Records and everyone should invest in it with their eyes closed. Those who won’t, we’ll but it for you.