No Remorse records 2020

Genre: Prog/Power Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: No Remorse
Year: 2020

Lord of Light is Nicklas Kirkevall’s personal one man project, which has been active for the past two years or so. Although “Morningstar” exploded like a bomb during last winter, No Remorse took over the release of the physical version and as a result, made every prog / power fan pee his pants.

Although as a musicgenre it hasn’t been mentioned that much during the recent years, “Morningstar” seems to want to push it up a little bit, for the revival of the old, orthodox, 90’s prog/power sound, following the trails of of bands such asRoyal Hunt, with a few European power metal (he’s a swede, after all), on the footsteps of Edguy and Stratovarius, of “Vain Glory Opera” and “Twilight Time” eras respectively. Having as a common denominator oldschool, yet elegant aesthetics, Lord Of Light come to put the fire on something new in today’s underground metal scene, which is overflowing with talent, but has terrible shortcomings in the Prog / Power genre.

If that’s not the case, the faithful ones will surely watch closely every new step Nicklas makes, expecting something equally remarkable in the future!