Genre: U.S. Power
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Cult Metal Classics
Year: 2016 (1988)

California. Midnight in the big city downtown. The streets are dark and desolate. In every corner some homeless hunkering down or a tormented soul trying to drink itself to oblivion. Cold is the weather, cold are the eyes that stare empty back at you. At the top of the uphill avenue a spectacular neon sign breaks the darkness. That’s where the van stops. The anxious driver with the well polished black saddle shoes scrambles to unload the luggage while 15-20 scums mock him. “Girls, are you sure you want to stay here? “Yes” I cut him roughly, as the Mexican girl beside me, clearly shaken, is checking her tablet for reviews of the hostel she had booked. MrBigHead had rated it with 5/5 stars for “getting lost in the deepest booby trap”. When she made the booking she had only noticed the high star rating and had neglected to read the comments of the many lustful men who had visited the hostel just to ease their high testosterone levels. I looked around seeking for it. To my surprise I realized that its tiny entrance layed between two strip clubs. You could barely see it as the excited club fans were hanging out in front of it. Stunned silence prevailed as we walked amongst them. The guys were checking out and approving, with the satisfied facial expression of an experienced property evaluator who has just visited a seaside plot in Laguna Beach. We finally reached the Den of Lust and Debauchery and as we were about to breath with a sigh of relief, we realized that we had to carry our overweight luggage up an endless corridor-stair that led to infinity and beyond. That was the moment when the bouncers of the clubs, two enormous beefcakes, showed up triumphantly, grabbing our suitcases and carrying it to the second floor outside our room. The blond bruiser cornered me next to the broken door of our room and whispered lustfully in my ear:“ What are you looking for in a dump like this, lil’ darling?”. I decided not to mention anything about the fuck-up of the Mexican girl and chose to introduce myself: “I am the Leather Queen, hot stud! And I am here for the Show!”. I pulled a CD from my leather jacket and used my lipstick to mark my autograph and the number 6 and handed it to him. “When I show up make sure my song is played!”. He sheepishly took the CD in his hands and mumbled in astonishment: “Lord-The Second Coming”…

Lord were founded in California by Guy Leonard Mattaliano a.k.a. Guy Lord. Some of you may already know him as you have heard him singing for BLOODLUST. Some lively girls may also know him from that photo on their album cover and they would definitely tear up their tops for having a chance just to ride this…machine! Back at 1988 Guy with his unique voice and eventful life found the way to express himself through the album “The Second Coming”.

“The Second Coming” is what scientists call “True Metal”. The music and lyrics are total badassery. The kind you will never master inside your conservatory, the kind you can only get from the street. The structures are simple, the lyrics are straight forward, without knicks and tricks, inspired by the bittersweet experiences of life. This honest genuinity makes the tracks sentimentally intense besides their simplicity.

The album suits every minute and every mood. You want some headbanging? Get speedy with “Mr. Death”. That bitch walked out on you? Cry your heart out with “Promises”. That bitch you got a crush on? You are in for some “Burnin'”. Are you a die-hard listener of The Doors? Here’s “Τhe End” covered by someone sharing your Jim Morrison madness. Are you in a weird place in life? Get “Back to The Asylum”. You need a hit? Have some “Snow”. You need audio for the Show? Here comes the “Love Machine”. You wanna know more about me? Here comes the “Leather Queen”!!!